Makita LXT211 vs LXT218 vs LXT239

Drilling through thick concrete slabs is part of home-improvement jobs. If you need best-in-class products for drilling, fastening, or hammering, then you should go our Makita models. The out-standing features of Makita are its lithium-ion battery for long life, maximum fastening, high-impact drilling, variable speed, LED lights, and its ergonomic design. We sell what people have favored over the years – Makita lxt211, Makita lxt218, and Makita lxt239. Let’s see what makes these models stand out among the rest.

Best cordless solution for drilling

Makita LXT211

Our Makita LXT211 is known for its versatility and easy to use features. Even though it produces powerful impact, it is easy to handle, as it just weighs 3.3 lbs. If you need a driller that is very powerful, has long battery life, and recharges fast, then you should choose our Makita lxt 211. If you want to switch from hammer-drill mode to driver mode with ease, then you will like its shift lock drive-system sleeve that quickly changes its mode. Next, Makita lxt211’s speed ranges from 400 RPM to 2,300 RPM at full speed for drilling into thick concrete walls. It operates with full speed with a single 30-minute charge. It is easier to clean and maintain with removable brushes. We sell original Makita 211 that comes with a 3-year warranty on the tools and 1-year warranty on the battery and charger.

High-power motor with best ergonomic design

Makita LXT218

If you need high-speed hammer driver and impact driver, then you should choose our Makita LXT218 model. Weighing just 4.9 lbs, its hammer driver is built with a 4-pole motor and delivers 560 in-lbs of maximum torque with a speed ranging from 400 RPM to 1700 RPM. And, its impact driver, weighing about 3.4 lbs delivers 1300 in-lbs of maximum torque. Our original Makita lxt 218 is known for optimum charging, as it comes with a low self-discharge, firm-holding contact terminal for constant high power, and a 30-minute rapid charger. Its built-in chip constantly communicates the current, voltage, and temperature for optimal charging. It has best ergonomic design that is easy to grip at its high speed. Its trigger and reversing switch is properly positioned for quick control. Our Makita 218 can drill 3/8 inch holes in to thick concrete walls with minimal effort.

Longer battery life

Makita LXT239

If you frequently use drilling machines, then you need one that naturally keeps the motor cooler without reducing its life – something like our original Makita LXT239. Like all other Makita tools, Makita 239 comes with a lithium-ion battery. But, the highlight of this product is its brushless motor that optimizes the energy usage by up to 50% more than other products. Additionally, brushless motor means there is no carbon brush within a motor, which makes a motor run cooler, even if you use it continuously. Weighing just 3.8 pound, its speed goes from 400 RPM to 1500 RPM and produces a maximum torque of 1420 in-lbs. Professional drillers who have used this product have found its battery life and extra power outstanding.

All of our Makita products are made with high-quality steel and are meant for handling high-impact drilling power. Apart from these features, our Makita models come with a LED feature to illuminates the work area. So, you can even use it in places that is poorly lit.

8 Responses to Makita LXT211 vs LXT218 vs LXT239

  • Roy Roven says:

    LXT211 kit is worth buying. I use it every other day. The best thing about it is that the battery charges in just 30 minutes. I like the light weight too.

  • Ian Dawn says:

    So far, I’m pleased with it. It has lots of power, battery seem to last longer, charges fast, build of it seems very good, light weighted with the nice case.

  • Ted says:

    I purchased the drill as gift for my dad who’s a huge drilling guy. Makita products have always had a great reputation. He’s very satisfied with the drill and has been using it on a regular basis.

  • Betsy says:

    I’m impresses with the quality of the tools. I have been a Makita fan because of their durable motors. It’s a great product in a great price.

  • Joyce says:

    LXT239 has a best battery life so far. I used the hammer driver and loved it! The LXT makes it all worth it not having to buy batteries every time!

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