Makita MAC700 vs MAC2400 vs MAC5200

Makita is a well-known manufacturer that specializes in industrial equipments. The brand has earned its greatness through its own merits by producing quality power tools which beat its competitors in term of resilience and durability. Makita air compressor is one such tool. The manufacturer has used advanced innovation and technology to make sure that this compressor is energy efficient in addition to being compact. It is an important tool which already has been scrutinized so as to ensure that it meets international standards for home use safety. The compressor also boasts a reliable piston and a powerful pump cylinder which makes it give a higher output. These features make the compressor to be less noisy as compared to other models found in the market. Besides, the thoroughly engineered cylinder yields a high site performance. Its durability is not compromised even when it is used in tough working conditions.

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Makita MAC700 MAC2400 MAC5200 Model Line up

Makita MAC700
Big Bore 2.0 HP
Air Compressor

Makita MAC2400
Big Bore 2.5 HP
Air Compressor

Makita MAC5200
Big Bore 3.0 HP
Air Compressor

Makita MAC700 – Best Choice for Home Owners

Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

The MAC700 is one of the most reliable models. It has turned into a preferred choice for most home owners due to the powerful motor which is its driving force. The cast cylinder and the 2.0 HP motor make it generate the reliable stroke required for a much higher compression. There is much strength and durability due to the cast iron construction. The inclusion of an automotive filter is perhaps the most electrifying feature of this Makita air compressor. It is meant to increase the air intake thereby producing better efficiency. The Makita air compressor MAC700 runs at cooler temperatures and at a very fast rate as compared to other competitive units from other manufacturers. It is capable of producing minimal noise in addition to achieving a greater pump life.

Makita MAC2400 and MAC5200 Review

Makita MAC2400 and MAC5200

  • Both Makita MAC5200 and MAC2400 models have a tank drive included so as to make it easier to maintain the compressors. The quality of the valves exceeds that of the ordinary petcock designs thereby making the compressors to generate an effective discharge tubing which is capable of driving the heat away in an efficient way.
  • MAC2400 produces relatively low noises and its structure is like that of a tank. It is however quite heavy in terms of weight.
  • Makita MAC5200 is a very excellent tool. However, it can be noisier than MAC700 and MAC2400. It is also quite heavy. MAC 5200 comes with a storage compartment for the small parts on it. In addition, the handle has room for storing a number of hoses. A discussion of the outstanding features of all these compressors is not complete without point out the oil drain and the oil sight glass. These are meticulously installed accessories that are meant to increase the performance of the MAC700, the MAC 2400 and the MAC5200.

All these models also have a roll bar handle which enhances portability and protection of the tools. This gives a clear hint that even in a tough job site conditions, these compressor are bound to withstand those circumstances. It is beyond doubt that the Makita air compressors are an extremely high quality tools that are durable. When compared to other oil-free compressors, these models offer exciting features. You can run them indoors are also use them to remodel the bedroom due to the relatively low noise.

6 Responses to Makita MAC700 vs MAC2400 vs MAC5200

  • Jonathan Schmidth says:

    I own Makita MA700. It is a high quality unit clearly build to last longer. I chose this one over the popular ones because of it’s compact size & low noise level. I can easily run it indoors, and hardly hear the sound of it in the room next door.

  • Alanor says:

    I so love the Makita MAC700 compressor. It’s the powerful enough for general uses. It’s the quietest compressor I have found in the market yet.

  • Jay says:

    I have MAC2400 in my basement & I can barely hear in the main level. If you’re looking for a high-quality, oil-lube compressor that will last for years, look no further just buy it.

  • Victor says:

    MAC2400 is a great compressor. I wanted to have a good quality compressor not the Chinese junk. It is a very well made little weighted compressor. The fit and finish is great too.

  • Yotarolla says:

    I’m completely satisfied with my MAC5200 compressor. Recovery is very quick. I use it to finish my work. It is perfect for my needs. I really like the small size of it.

  • Duron says:

    I own MAC5200 for almost a year now & haven’t experienced any problems yet. It’s quiet and harf working. This is the most amazing compressor I have ever got.

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