Dell Venue 8 and 11 Pro Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2013

Black Friday is coming up right around the corner and a ton of stores are participating in the most popular shopping day of the entire year. Therefore, you are going to find some amazing deals, especially on Dell products. If you’re in the shop for an amazing tablet at excellent prices, you’re going to fall in love with the deals that Dell is going to offer up on the biggest shopping event of the year. Dude, you’re getting a Dell!!!!

Enjoy Excellent Deals on Dell Tablets for Black Friday!

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Dell Venue 8 Pro 32 GB BELL8-Pro81 Dell Venue 8 Pro 64 GB BELL8-1818BLK Dell Venue Pro11-2500BLK
Dell Venue 8 Pro
32 GB Tablet (Windows 8.1)

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Dell Venue 8 Pro
64 GB Tablet (Windows 8.1)

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Dell Venue 11 Pro
64 GB Tablet (Windows 8.1)

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*Price data was accurate as of May 24, 2015.
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Below, we are going to go over two of the most popular tablets that are manufactured by Dell. These tablets are also some of the highest rated tablets on the market. That’s why so many people are going to purchases these tablets as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Black Friday. If you’re a bit out of the loop when it comes to tablets, you have nothing to worry about, because I’m going to discuss both tablets and why they are worthy of a spot on your holiday shopping list.

Dell Venue 8 Pro (32GB and 64GB)

The Dell Venue 8 comes packaged with the newest version of Windows, which is Windows 8 and it’s also been updated to the long awaited software update, which is known as Windows 8.1. In other words, the most popular operating system in the world comes pre-installed on the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Also, the tablet comes with Intel’s latest chip, which is an extremely fast chip. Despite this tablet being so powerful, it still has an amazing battery life. Therefore, Dell Venue 8 Pro users will be able to enjoy their tablets all day long without any sort of hiccups.

People out there that like to have the latest, greatest and fastest gadgets will fall in love with the Dell Venue 8 Pro, because it’s extremely snappy when it comes to performance. They will be able to load up and flip through today’s most popular apps without a flinch. All of this power comes packed into an 8-inch tablet with a wonderful form factor. That’s why this tablet particularly is on so many peoples shopping list, especially with Black Friday right around the corner.

Dell Venue 11 Pro (New 64 GB)

Now we’re coming up to the second tablet on this list of the most popular tablets for the holiday season. This tablet is the Dell Venue 11 Pro and it has quickly become one of the most sought out tablets of all time. This tablet is only going to grow in popularity as excellent Black Friday deals begin to pop up for it. For consumers looking for a tablet with excellent performance specs and reliability they will be more than pleased with the Dell Venue 11.This tablet comes with a monstrous 2.4GHz quad-core processor that can handle apps without a flinch. It also comes with 2gb of ram, which will provide users with snappy app and program launch times. As for storage, the Dell Venue 11 comes with 64gb storage, so you can store all your pictures, music and videos without ever having to worry about space.

Black Friday is right around the corner and these two tablets would make excellent stocking stuffer.

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