Total Gym XLS vs 1400 vs 1100 vs Weider Ultimate Body Works

Have you ever thought of bringing a gym into your own home? Well, now you can. With the total gym XLS, total gym 1400, total gym 1100 and weider 5000 you can enjoy the gym experience in the comfort of your home. With the attention grabber total home gym in your house, never miss out your workout session even between your busy schedules. You have your own gym in the house and what more can you ask for? But before you start scratching your head about which one to pick, go through the specifications and make the final purchase.

Total Gym XLS vs 1400 vs 1100 vs 2013 New Weider 5000 WEBE15911

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Both Weider 5000 and total Gym XLS look quite similar. The total gym XLS, 1100 and 1400 come with an ergonomic platform and a sleek body. It allows easy slide and body movement. This allows you to sculpt tone or shape the body. You can perform almost 60 exercises in each of these models. For a total body work out to just need to invest around 10 to 20 minutes of the Total Gym 1100 and 1400 and that is all. The rest is taken care by the exercise system itself. Both the multifunctional Total Gym XLS and the weider 5000 allow folding the machine and easy storage. You simply a small space to fit into this system and that’s all.


In the Weider 5000 and the Total Gym XLS you can perform more or less the same kind of exercises. They even come with a head support stand that will help you rest your head while exercising. The Total Gym 1100 And Total Gym 1400 however does not have such head rest stands. You can perform exercises on the upper back, the biceps and the shoulders. The total gym 1400 and the Weider 5000 include a squat stand along with total Gym XLS. The leg pulley present in Total Gym 1100, 1400 and Weider 5000 allows greater range of motion and good versatility.

The six calibrated levels in total gym 1100 allow almost 6% to 48% body weight resistance. On the other hand the 8 calibrated levels are present in the much advanced Total Gym 1400.

Special features at a glance

It is Easy increase or decrease the workout intensity by changing the guide incline of the Weider 5000. Moreover it is also supported with seven easy to change glide options for great exercising experience.

The leg pulley of the Total Gym 1100 exercise system consists of leg pulley. So if you need to shape up the hamstring muscles or the thigh muscles this is what you need. Finding it difficult to move the exercise system? Don’t worry! The transport wheels present in Total Gym 1100 allow you to move it easily.

What’s in the box?

The Weider 5000 along with Total Gym 1100 and 1400 comes with a user manual. This helps you to get the hold of the exercises that you can perform and how you can perform it. They are so simple to understand that you don’t even need a trainer for this.

Since, the Weider is the most updated one, if you are looking for a great exercising technique this is ideal for you. However, if you are a novice try the Total Gym 1400 as they have separate level of exercise for beginners and advanced levels. So go get one for yourself and bring home the gym.

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