20 Best Snow Blowers/Throwers to Buy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 (Electric and Gas Powered)

Bad weather is something that everyone wishes to fend off, but with snow giving your exteriors an ugly look and making it almost impossible for you to step out; managing your lawn and landscape can be a herculean task. A snow thrower/blower is a perfect tool during this time since it is not only designed to collect snow from an area and throw it anywhere else, but also because without it, most people will be crippled to leave the vicinity of their place. Often a person is confused when it comes to selecting this tool, but apart from discounts and deals, one must ensure that the specification and feature of the product is known from beforehand. And what is better than getting a thrower this year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to help you get rid of unnecessary snow! Along with irresistible offers and mega deals on major brands, you will get the perfect product worth your money’s value. In case you are still not sure about your preference, here are the 20 Best Snow Blowers/Throwers to Buy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 this season. Take a look!

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Top 10 Corded Electric Snow Blowers

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Top 10 Corded Electric Snow Blowers

Snow Joe SJ621

Toro 38361

Snow Joe SJ620

Toro 38381

GreenWorks 26032

Snow Joe SJ623E

GreenWorks 26022

Snow Joe SJ622E

Power Smart DB5023

Toro 38371

Best Electric Snow Blower Ranking and Review

It is imperative to select a snow thrower or a blower that can work as per your requirement and is durable enough to sustain for a long time. Nowadays, electric snow throwers are gaining popularity since they are light weighted and are not much noisy. The best 10 corded electric sow throwers/blowers are:

1. Snow Joe SJ621:

This electric thrower is quite a popular product primarily because it is a no fuss tool. It works with a motor power of 13.5 amp and has the power to remove deep snow up to ten inches deep in one single pass. It has a sharp rotor with four blades made of pure steel that cuts deep and wide and can move huge quantity of snow at a time. It also has a chute that can be adjusted to 180 degrees and the machine is very effective to remove snow from driveways and areas receiving extreme snowfall.

2. Toro 38361:

This power shovel can throw around 300 pounds of snow every minute and is extremely fast. The best part about this thrower is that it is extremely compact and hence easier to maintain and work with. With a motor of 7.5 amp, its produces higher torque at comparatively lesser speed and has a plastic body that makes it an extremely durable machine.

3. Snow Joe SJ620:

This particular snow thrower is similar to the SJ621, the only difference being that it has a rotor consisting of five blades rather than four that makes cutting through snow an even simpler task. With adjustable chute that can be rotated to a full 180 degree, the Snow Joe SJ620 works with a motor of 13.5 amp and can cut snow up to 18 inches wide.

4. Toro 38381:

The super compact snow thrower works with the patented technology called the power curve and has an electric motor of 15 amp that can clear snow up to 12 inch deeper. Even though the machine might look quite compact and is very light at just twenty-five pounds, it can move more than 700 pounds of snow every minute. It has a chute that can be adjusted up to 160 degrees and has a zip deflector. Overall, this is the perfect machine to be used for residential purpose.

5. GreenWorks 26032:

This snow thrower works on a motor of 12 amp and can clear a path with up to 20 inches of snow. It has larger wheels measuring six inches that ensures easy usability across driveways and lawn area from where snow is otherwise difficult to remove. It has a discharge crank that is uni-directional and has a steel blade molded with rubber. With great ergonomical designs and great performance, this snow thrower is an intelligent choice.

6. Snow Joe SJ623E:

This powerful snow thrower can throw around 720 pounds every minute and can cut around 10 inch snow. It has a discharge chute that can rotate to a whole 180 degree and is absolutely adjustable. Along with a two year manufacturer warranty, the machine is an extremely easy maintenance tool since all it needs is a push button to start and stop it. This apart, the machine is extremely compact and weights all of 40 pounds. With a halogen light and an ergonomic grip, the machine is extremely convenient.

7. GreenWorks 26022:

This snow thrower works with a motor of 10 amp that makes it an overall powerful tool for the task. It can easily clear snow of 16 inches width and 6 inches deep and can discharge snow up to a distance of twenty-five feet. This is an environmental friendly product since not even a unit of carbon gets emitted. The best part about the GreenWorks 26022 is that it has a warranty period of four years.

8. Snow Joe SJ622E:

The best part about this snow thrower is its 15 amp motor that ensures that you can have a powerful experience with this machine. It is a perfect tool for removing snow from difficult areas like garage or driveways and can remove up to 720 pounds of snow every minute. It uses the push start technology and gets started with the push of a button. What’s more! With a 180 degree chute that can be adjusted quite easily, this product is a steal.

9. Power Smart DB5023:

With a steel auger that is tipped with rubber, this machine has foam coated grip and a motor working at 13 amp. The handle is quite oversized and the machine is compact in size. It can cut 9 inches snow at a single time. Overall this product is very convenient and comfortable.

10. Toro 38371:

Last but not least, this snow thrower machine is extremely lightweight and has an innovative design. Along with a housing of inverted funnel and a curved rotor, the Toro 38371 works with a powerful motor of 12 amp. The technology used is power curve and overall it is a great product with quite a value for money.

Top 10 Gas Snow Throwers

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Top 10 Gas Snow Throwers Black Friday 2013

Power Smart DB7651

Power Smart DB7659

Husqvarna 924HV

Power Smart DB7659A

Power Smart 7653

Husqvarna 1830HV

Poulan Pro PR291E30

Power Smart DB7651

Poulan Pro PR621

Husqvarna 12527HV

Best Gas Snow Blower Ranking and Review

Gas snow throwers are not lesser in demand. There are many places where electricity is a major problem, especially when there is an extreme snowfall since power supplies are cut off. At this time, gas snow throwers come to the rescue. Even though they are a bit much noisier than their electric counterparts, they are extremely handy in times of need. The best 10 gas snow throwers include:

1. Power Smart DB765:

This snow thrower works on gas and has augers made of steel that are 12 inches long and serrated. It has an electric start and a control panel working in all directions that makes it an extremely convenient product. It works with an engine working on 208cc OHV that turns the performance into being more powerful.

2. Power Smart DB7659:

The machine drives on wheel and has a cutting width of 22 inches. It has an electric start and has two reverse as well as four forward for controlling speed. It has a crank of 180 degrees and has a limited warranty period of one year. With 208 cc engine, this particular model is extremely light weighted when compared with other products of the same brand. It is a convenient product that can be used anywhere with a moderately high snowfall and is apt for residential purposes.

3. Husqvarna 924HV:

It works on snowking engine of 208 cc and has specific headlights of LED. This apart, it can be connected anytime to a power outlet to be powered. Hence you will not have to face the problem of a dead battery every time the gas is out. The thrower has the capacity to throw up to 2 inches of snow from beneath and is extremely powerful. It has the capacity to resist any kind of corrosion because of the frame that is entirely coated with powder. The best part about this particular machine is that a person can handle it single handedly and can even control the chute at the same time.

4. Power Smart DB7659A:

The best part about this particular product is that it is extremely compact and light weighted when compared to other similar products. It has a 208 cc engine that gives it a powerful start and can clear up to 22 inches of snow. Overall, the speed is extremely convenient to be used in residents and its construction with steel ensures that this remains an extremely durable product. This apart, the snow thrower also has joystick controls that work on all four sides and can be sued to make adjustments in height and directions,

5. Power Smart 7653:

This gas powered machine has a powerful engine working on 208 cc power making it an extremely professional product. The chute handle has a discharge that is oversized enabling extreme convenience. A great feature of the product is that it gets an electric start and hence a person will not have to wait for a long time to heat the machine and get it started. It is a slightly bulky product with a weight of 95 pounds that might be quite troublesome for many people to handle for residential use. This apart, this machine is an excellent choice for removing snow.

6. Husqvarna 1830HV:

This machine has a powerful engine that work on eighteen gross torques and is an extremely powerful machine to clear and cut deep rooted snow in a minute. It has the capability to cut up to 23 inches deep snow that makes it a popular residential machine. It can be turned easily owing to a power steering that is entirely controlled by trigger and can be operated using one hand at a time as well. In case of low light, the machine has LED headlights to put to use. In case if the battery is low, you can take electricity from a plug point since it has electric push start as well.

7. Poulan Pro PR291E30:

This machine has a chute deflector that is remote and gets transmitted by chain drive. It has floodlight and can start with electric push start technology. This is an apt product for area that does not receive extremely heavy snowfall and is capable of clearing areas of snow in a very short time. It has controls that are extremely convenient to handle and can move the machine in either reverse way or forward without an effort. You can install a weight bar as per your preference as well.

8. Power Smart DB7651:

This product features among our top buy list particularly because of its all powerful 208 cc engine that ensures an excellent output. This gas powered snow thrower weights 180 pounds and is heavy when compared with other competitors. But this machine is absolutely great for area that receive extremely heavy amount of rainfall and have a clearing width of 24 inches. The other features include control panel working in all directions, an electric start as well as an excellent speed. Overall, this product is quite good.

9. Poulan Pro PR621:

This machine has an auger of 8 inch diameter and strong wheels that can be conveniently rotated for better use. This is an extremely powerful tool with 208 cc engine and can clear snow up to a width of 1 inches and a height of 13 inches. Its other feature include electric push start and joystick controls.

10. Husqvarna 12527HV:

Forget all about dead batteries with the Husqvarna 12527HV since all you need to do is connect the machine to the nearest plug point and as soon as you press the button, the machine will start working. The machine can clear up to 27 inches of snow and is an extremely durable product. The best part is that a person can control the machine using a single hand at a time that makes it even more convenient. It has an LED light that ensures that even if there is poor light, you can easily work without any problem.


Whether you are going for an electric thrower or a gas thrower, a heavier machine or a compact one, it is imperative that you understand the features and the advantages offered by each of these products carefully before making a decision. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ensure that you are buying one of these twenty products for an intelligent buy and a great value for your money. Saving money? Shop snow shovels and other snow removal products instead.

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