DuroMax XP1000E vs Generac 5747 XG8000E vs XG1000E 5802 vs 5847 – Black Friday Portable Generator Sale

Thinking of which generator to buy for your home or business, then just read on as we are about to compare and contrast four of the best generators you will ever find out there. While all these generators are powerful and capable of performing the average day to day tasks, there are some differences between them that make others better and that is what we set out to find.

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DuroMax XP10000E Generac 5747 XG8000E Generac 5802 XG10000E Generac 5847 XG8000E
DuroMax XP10000E
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Generac 5747 XG8000E
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$ 1,275.00
Generac 5802
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$ 1,699.99
Generac 5847
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Generac 5747 XG8000E Portable Generator

The generac 5747 like all the other generac generators features Generac’s powerful OHV I engine which is specifically designed for generators and features a hardened steel cradle, impact resistant corner for durability and full wrap frame tubing. The generator provides a reliable 8,000 watts power supply with a maximum of 10,000 watts, enough to light up both home and light commercial installations. The fact that it is portable is another plus for the generac 5747.

Generac 5847

The Generac 5847 is similar to the Generac 5747 which just some slight modifications. Like the 5747, it features a power supply output of 8,000 watts, which can be expanded to 10,000 watts, a powerful 410cc engine, electric start and full wrap frame tubing. It also features an illuminated control for panel improved visibility, a 9 gallon gas tank and comes with a wheel kit making it very portable. On the overall though, there is actually very little that separates the generac 5847 from the Generac 5747.

Generac 5802 XG1000E

The Generac 5802 shares the same OHVI engine that’s used in the 5747 and the 5847 models though the engine in the 5802 is a more powerful 530cc engine. The generac 5802 also produces more power than the other two versions, churning out 10,000 watts of power and 12,500 watts at maximum and is capable of running machines that the generac 5847 and 5747 models may not run. Like the other two models, it has 120/240v AC and a frequency of 60 Hertz. The 5802 offers an advanced engine reduction technology like the plateau honed cylinders that help reduce the break in time, plasma molly oil rings that help to keep excess oil away from the cylinders among other features. The Generac 5802 is perfect for all kinds of residential or commercial applications.

Duromax XP1000E Gas Powered Generator

The DuroMax XP1000E protable gas generator competes favorably with its generac counterparts. The generator is run by a 16 horsepower air cooled OHV version, DuroMax’s version of the OHVI engines used by generac. In terms of power output, the generator produces 8,000 watts and a peak of 10,000 just like the Generac 5747 and 5847, but slightly less than the generac 5802. It also comes with a wheel kit making it equally portable and electric start like the other generators on the list. The duromax also comes with a 33 amp circuit breaker and features a strong and sturdy body.

While all these generators have a lot in common, the generac 5802 is still the most powerful and produces more power output than the rest and would therefore be the number one choice for anyone looking for a powerful portable generator. Duromax generators on the other hand are also a good and powerful option but generally, all the four generators above are way better than their other competitors on the market.




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